UPDATED 10/26/20 protocols for house call visits due to COVID-19.

My main goals:
1. Don't get COVID-19.
2. Don't give COVID-19.

1. IF you or anyone you have been in contact with are sick or experiencing cold-like symptoms (even if it is just the sniffles), are quarantined, or AWAITING COVID TESTING you MUST reschedule your appointment!

2. IF I or a member of my family becomes sick or we are quarantined, I will reschedule any urgent appointments or use telemedicine for existing clients.

3. I will wear appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment) as well as maintain a 6' distance between myself and all human family members for social distancing purposes as recommended by the CDC.

-IF I need assistance holding an animal for a blood draw, the Owner will be REQUIRED to wear a face mask. Once finished, we will separate and maintain the 6' distance.

4. ALL dog appointments will take place in a garage if possible. Please have your dog ready with a collar and leash to hand to me when I arrive.

5. ALL cat appointments will require the cat to be placed in a carrier and in the garage if possible.

6. I will ask that you throw away the trash created during your appointment (except needles) to reduce the risk of contamination.

7. We will discuss your concerns and some history during the initial phone conversation prior to the appointment.

8. I will go over all exam findings are recommended treatments while maintaining social distancing recommendations by the CDC.

9. I will be offering telemedicine (video chat) with existing clients whose pets have had an exam within the last 12 months. The use of telemedicine will be on a case by case basis depending on the issue going on.
**please be aware that regular exam and consultation fees will apply to all telemedicine appointments. **

Obviously, this is a very fluid situation and recommendations are changing daily. I will continue to update clients if I need to make further protocol changes.

While this may seen like "overkill" to some, I want to err on the side of caution. I hope everyone understands that I am doing this so that I am able to help your pets if and when they need care while also minimizing the spread of COVID-19.

Stay safe and healthy,
Laura Kleinschmit, DVM