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Minor Medical Issues

If our pets could always be healthy, that would be great! Unfortunately that is not the case. Most pets will have minor medical issues throughout their life. With KVS, we can address many of these issues right there in your home!

Minor medical issues I can address at home:

  • Allergies/itching

  • Ear issues- infections, ear mites, etc

  • Eyes issues- ulcers, dry eye, infections, etc

  • Minor GI issues

  • Skin issues- hair loss, infections, hot spots, parasites, masses, etc

  • Respiratory issues: upper respiratory infections, coughing 

  • Arthritis & chronic pain

  • Endocrine disorders


As a house call veterinarian, there are some limitations to what medical conditions I can help diagnose and manage in your pets while in your home. If I suspect your pet will be required to have radiographs (x-rays) taken to help diagnose a medical condition, I will have to refer you and your pet to an area clinic. I will also need to refer your pet for any needed surgeries or hospitalizations. 

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